Before we begin, don’t judge us by our logo: your brand is important, ours is meh. How selfless, huh?

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About meh.

Blah blah blah, yes we have a mission

At meh., we solemnly believe a brand can (and must) go far beyond a kitsch logo made in Microsoft Word. We like to believe that our passion for design will change the World. Or brands. We’re not super heroes, but we’re super creative people motivated to take your business to the next level. Our mission is, first and foremost, to make brands be more than just meh, so they can become something extraordinary.


Our Works

Check out some of our works – branding, web design, social media, and events, because despite loving brands, we also like to step out of our comfort zone.

Our Process

How we do

Because we’re practical people, we like to attack the subject straight on. We love tackling our clients brands like a teenage existential crisis. This is because brands, often times, don’t know exactly what they are, what they want to communicate or how to communicate it. And that’s precisely when we step in, we’re here to help decode the message you want to get through, like we’re some sort of psychologist – only better looking.



This is the step that encompasses an extensive research of the market the brand belongs to. It is crucial to understand the existing competition, as well as finding who we want to spread our message to. From there, we study the target audience so we can develop a coherent and efficient message.



After having concluded the investigation process, we get to action - our favorite part. We start creating solutions and visual strategies that match what our client wants and what we found from our studies. This step relies on constant communication between us and the client, which means feedback is of upmost importance.



We know the project is ready to be released when it isn’t just “one more project”. Our clients’ absolute satisfaction is essential, as well as the resolution of all the problems we were challenged with. Despite going through a long a thorough creative process, the final step is always the most rewarding.

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